GAMMA Green ion accelerators perform an important and efficient action if applied to irrigation systems for the cultivation of plants, flowers, vegetables, lawns, etc.


The application of ion accelerators with a strong magnetic field (14,000 Gauss) guarantees total elimination of every form of limescale on existing irrigation systems (whether vaporisation, sprinkler or drip), while maintaining intact over time those of new installation.

Softening through magnetic ionisation allows you to always have perfectly efficient irrigation systems, maintaining their maximum water distribution power unaltered over time.


Photosynthesis is the procedure which, taking advantage of the most abundant raw materials such as water and light, manages to create products where the material has a high level of organisation.

During photosynthesis light is captured by chlorophyll and the energy provided by it is sent via electron transfer towards the reaction centre, where positive and negative charges separate.

The leaf is the most important part of the plant; it is a chemical laboratory that works on solar energy, the air picks carbon dioxide and water and using photosynthesis transforms it into sugars which are the energy source that keeps the organism alive. The conductor vessels have water flowing through them from the roots to the leaves and the lymph that takes the inverse path. The leaf brings the water contained in the ground in contact with the roots, crossing the entire plant and evaporating at the end of the surface of the leaf.

In the presence of hard water, the entire process is slowed down and the plants have slower development since the carbonates stay attached to the roots preventing the osmosis function between the plant and the ground, the source of nourishment.




The strong magnetic field of the GAMMA Green systems transforms the calcium carbonate (CaCo3) into aragonite: an antinucleating calcium derivative without a crystalline aggregation capacity. The relevant effect of the magnetic field is not to modify the chemical equilibrium of water, but to work on nucleation of crystals working on various hypersaturation levels around the seeds and causing modification of the crystal-chemical phase. Therefore, it produces particularly soft water, and at the same time leaving its chemical-physical structure unchanged. Furthermore, the Euro Gamma magnetic field prevents and eliminates ionic imbalances in the water, as a result increasing the key elements in the soil to develop good crops, such as iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium and copper, reducing the presence of nitrogen and phosphorous. Lastly, the salinity of the water and soil decreases, in particular by working on the crystalline structure of the sodium salts.

agricoltura2THE RESULTS

A plant irrigated by water treated with GAMMA Green systems can absorb and capitalise all the calcium-carbonate that would otherwise be lost in crystalline form in the ground; this treatment promotes faster, healthier and rigorous growth and development. Lawns irrigated and/or watered with magnetised water become green and more compact since the blades of grass more easily assimilate the minerals contained in the water.



Normally GAMMA Green ion accelerators are installed upstream of the main piping of the irrigation system. Each system must therefore be assessed individually.




RESEARCH for the right magnetic condition to grow a plant up to 50% more, and limit infections.

Precision farming: or rather, a place for each plant, each plant in its place.

Professor Gaetano Ranieri, Engineer and Ordinary Professor of Applied Geophysics at the University of Cagliari, observed that by adequately taking advantage of the terrestrial magnetic field, vegetables grew up to twice as quick.

Observing the "magnetic" trees (oak with mycorrhizal roots, i.e. colonised by truffles) the measurements have demonstrated that these trees are magnetic, because the iron inside the roots was probably subject to chemical transformation: as a result, the limonite, a scarcely magnetic mineral, transforms in magnetite, the magnetic mineral par excellence.

All this stimulated researchers' interest who carried out practical tests on plants with a fast life cycle, such as watercress, soybeans, lentils, lettuce, wheat and beans, using approximately 500 seeds for each species.

Half made up the control group, while the others were subject to a magnetic field created with adequately magnetised water sprayers. After some time, morphological parameter measurements were taken of the plants, in particular the length of the hypocotyl (the young stem of the sprouted plant), the radicle and the leaves. The results speak for themselves: on average, the higher the field, the greater the growth. The most sensitive species were Soybeans.

For plant organisms, the important element is the ion exchange between the plant and the ground, which is accelerated. One of the results recorded at metabolic level was an increase in auxin production, plant hormones that regulate plant growth.

Up to now experiments were conducted on young plants. A study was also conducted on adult specimens. In Sardinia, in Cagliari, in the 90s, a citrus fruit parasite was causing leaves to curl, causing a production loss of 50%. Furthermore, a group of adult Clementine trees were analysed, already stuck by the illness; irrigated with adequately magnetised water, they bore fruit after 4/5 months and the infection was considerably reduced. It is therefore deduced that magnetised water also has a bacteriostatic effect.

Installations in this sense were implemented with GAMMA Green accelerators flanged with various measurements in greenhouses for courgettes in IRAN (the biggest producer and exporter in the world of this product) with 30% greater production results per field. Currently, we continue to produce GAMMA Green for the same market.


Another important consumer of these products is Japan.




Much scientific research conducted by biologists and Biophysics describe the effect of magnetic fields on plants.

Based on this, the company “FAGROTECHNOLOGIES” provided a dynamic, hydro-activation method for natural water and devices used for this method.

This method includes the physical-chemical changes of the natural parameters in water, resulting in improved filtration properties and an increase in dissolution properties in water. These changes cause greater capacity in the ground to free itself of mineral salts, resulting in better assimilation of nutrients and fertiliser during the period of vegetation.

It is well known that plants and trees need mineral salts and micro-elements in the ground to work correctly, but cannot use them optimally. In plants watered with normal water, only a small quantity of nutritional elements is dissolved and becomes available for plants, furthermore the more plants develop and grow, the greater the quantity of nutrients they require. The micro-elements deficit (nutrients) in the ground is the main reason for decreased growth rates and poor harvest.

This is the reason why magnetised water should be used for irrigation.

Furthermore, when the plant is watered, it forms a white coating on the surface of the ground (bicarbonate and calcium carbonate) and when the water penetrates the ground it deposits in the roots of the plant. The plant starts to suffocate because of these deposits and forms additional roots to continue feeding. This process reduces normal development in plants.

All plants irrigated using magnetised water manage to easily retain mineral salts from the ground, with no sediment forming on the surface of the ground. Furthermore if mineral and organic fertilisers are used they dissolve better, so much so their use decreases by 50% and the plants continue to develop without any additional forces, i.e. causing better product quantity and quality.

In short, the financial benefits of using magnetised water for harvest irrigation are:

  • The period of vegetation takes place within 15-20 days;
  • Harvest production increases 15-20% and in some cases even more;
  • The taste of farm produce improves;
  • The percentage of sick plants is drastically reduced;
  • Approximately 30% less irrigation water used;
  • As a result 30% less energy is used in water piping;
  • On average 30% less fertiliser is used;
  • By magnetising seeds before sowing and watering them with magnetic water, a 30% reduction is obtained on harvest material.





Professor Adelio Perugini (BO)


Magnetised water actively acts on plants, improving the absorption of nutrients and mineral salts, with increased vitality and cell multiplication.

As a result, there is also an increase in soil fertility and plant strength against environmental stress (example: frost), as well as growth, which is 30-40% greater than control plants.


- Bigger fruit

- Cumulative increase in products per surface unit.

Extended seasonal crops (cultivation, ripening, fructification) compared to usual times.

- High quality fruit (dimension, shape, sugar content, greener foliage).

- Reduced fertilisers.

- Less clogging due to pipe encrustation.


The water forms the distributing force of the biological fluids and most of the weight of living things, both plants and animals.


Water is therefore a predominant component of the mechanism and the process of mass transferral in the various systems, including transfer via membranes.

“Water assumes different characteristics when it contains electrolyte solutions, differing from those found in drinking water or irrigated water. The effect has been demonstrated of exposure to magnetic fields by increasing solute content”.




As with all living beings, plants also feel a general lack of natural magnetism found in our age.

In the past, in most cases, drinking water came from our own wells, or was gathered in cisterns in the form of rainwater and had time to charge itself with terrestrial magnetism.

The growth of plants and animals was ensured with this water. The lack of natural terrestrial magnetism and the modest energy of conductive water are the source of the development deficits both in animals and plants. if we water plants with negatively magnetised water, growth will be stimulated and flowering promoted.

Cut flowers or flowers in vases treated with positively magnetised water grow more rigorously and live longer. This is particularly the case of plants on window sills. Fundamentally, the following is valid for plant care:

- everything that grows underground and has to do with roots has yin qualities and therefore requires yin energy coming from the negative pole, with its blue coloured oscillations that promote growth;

- everything that grows and lives over ground and is composed of leaves, flowers or fruit have yang qualities and therefore require yang energy from the positive pole, with its red/orange coloured oscillations that have a vitalising effect.











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