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Limescale is a calcium carbonate, which is the calcium salt of pure carbonic acid, which at room temperature is a white coloured solid that is not very soluble in water.

Like other carbonates, it undergoes decomposition by heating or by contact with acidic substances, releasing carbon dioxide. The method for its determination is based on this characteristic, called calcimetry analysis.

Calcium carbonate dissolved in water is mainly responsible for its hardness; it is, in fact, a material that, in whole or in part, constitutes a great variety of types of rock: marble, limestone rocks, travertine...

The minerals consisting of calcium carbonate are ARAGONITE and CALCITE.

When water is heated, the calcium and magnesium salts aggregate, precipitate and form limescale that is deposited on pipes, cylinders, water heaters, boilers, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, pressure washers, etc.

The inevitable consequence:

  • Obstruction of pipes
  • Deterioration and breakage of pipelines
  • Encrusted heating elements and coils
  • Degradation of the performance of industrial/domestic machines
  • Appearance of smears and stains
  • Increase in energy costs
  • Increased detergent consumption
  • Ecological damage



The Euro Gamma Group magnetic descalers avoid the formation of lime-scale deposits in systems without altering the chemical composition of the water.

In a nutshell, the water enters the home through the pipelines and after enters the anti-limescale device that thanks to its magnetic force (14,000 Gauss), allows the particles composed of calcium and magnesium salts to be crushed turning them into ARAGONITE, an INERT calcium carbonate.

anticalcare magnetico

With GAMMA products, the magnetic effect is constant and after the discharge of the water from the system, the effectiveness is maintained for up to 48 hours, and then slowly decreases until it completely disappears after about 72 hours. This means that in contact with the oxygen of the air the limescale can be recomposed, but now no longer in a crystalline, aggressive and weakening form, but in a harmless, amorphous and powdery form.

On surfaces wet by the water, when this is allowed to evaporate, not more than a thin layer of white powder is deposited, which can easily be removed with the simple passage of a hand.

Moreover, a very important thing is that the magnetic treatment causes the gradual dissolving of existing deposits, due to the transfer and contamination of the activation energy with the old sedimented particles, and also due to the continuous rubbing of harmless and suspended calcium salts that hit the remaining salts deposited over time.


The story

Euro Gamma Group S.r.l. is the combination of the experience of TOP CHEM S.r.l and REXITAL S.r.l, companies that have been present on the market of magnetic treatment for water for more than 25 years and leaders in their sectors...

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